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Jain Jagruti Centre. Not just a name. But an institution that stand as a symbol of philanthropic objectives and fulfillments for the Jain community, at large. Once an entertainment provider of various cultural programs for the community, today the organization proactively participates in driving serious and meaningful charitable activates, such as Refundable Education of Financial Assistance, Samuh Vivah, Medical Camps and Yuva Meals for needy members of the Jian community.
The original thought behind promoting Jain Jagruti Centre was to bring various sections and factions of Jains under one roof.
Came in to existence in the year 1975.
36 years of successful operations.
An association of 65,000 members.
172 centres worldwide.

The last 10 years have been the most fruitful and successful years for Jain Jagruti Centre.
Distributed nearly Rs. 43 crores in the last 10 years to Jain students aspiring for Higher Education.
Delivery System of loans lauded as one of the best with online application management system.
The interview system for loans places priority in helping needy and meritorious students with proper documents to promptly secure interest-free refundable loans.
Publishes Jagruti Sandesh Magazine which has the second largest circulation in India, it reaches 65,000 people and serves as a vehicle of mass level awareness.
Jagruti sandesh offers a free-of-cost platform to its members to voice and even to promote themselves.
Functioning at the Jain Jagruti Centre is known to follow the highest principles of honesty, trust and integrity.
It has 172 centres worldwide & more than 2200 volunteers are working on various philanthropic missions here.

Many reasons go to make jain Jagruti centre one-of-its –kind organization that can pride in its journey ahead.
Jain Jagruti Centre has started accepting donations from all the communities and even in foregin currency.
Its financial assistance delivery system is one of the most effective one, as the board grants instant sanction.
The Jain Jagruti Centre uses the best of technology to sanction and deliver financial assistance. Its online financial assistance. Its online financial application facility makes way for applications to reach much faster from any remote corner of India.
The organization takes pride in observing transparency at all levels including accounts and balance sheets.
The trust is also eligible to accept donation from outside India as it is registrated under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 2010.
All donations can avail tax deduction under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

The Jains are known to practice a life based on forgiveness and high values. The success of the community comes from the practices of noble principles of giving. This is the very reason why a substantial 43 percent of our nation’s  economic growth comes from the Jain community, whose capacity to earn, grow and share wealth and share wealth and  resources is so remarkable.

We earnestly appeal to you to consider our strength of 65,000 strong members and evaluate what might be the result if each individual like you donates even small amount in a year to consolidate a pure and transparent platform!

We can effortlessly achieve a mammoth collection a year. Education is the noblest cause you can contribute to, as it helps to ward off social evils and improves the life of an individual.
How large is Jain Jaguti Centre as an organization ?
The total number of members in India and abroad sum up to 65,000,with a spread of 172 centres . All these work under the close supervision of jain jagruti Centre Central Board.
Why has Jain Jagruti Centre though of serving the society by offering educational Financial Assistance?
Education makes a man independent. Any person with a decent education becomes self-sufficient and independent in life to raise a good family of his or her own. The growing of good families in turn makes a good society. In line with this through, it may be said that even educating one person would mean offering support and life to the society itself.

Moreover, the good influences of education are many. One learns to become liberal and tolerant and abstains from wrong habits, temptations and anti-social activities.

India is home to millions of Jains out of which 40% are needy. Out of this number 8% to 10% are students. And out of this segment even if 1% get support for higher education, they can become successful and lead decent lives. These are the many reasons why Jain jagruti Centre is offering Financial Assistance to needy Jain students.
2005 50 10,31,000
2006 120 26,70500
2007 188 48,73,500
2008 542 2,27,97,750
2009 706 2,98,44,000
2010 761 3,72,08,450
2011 877 4,90,83,631
2012 965 6,69,75,020
2013 919 6,33,30,544
2014 862 6,98,26,916
2015 868 7,93,93,204
Before disbursement, every application is thoroughly checked and validated to ensure maximum transparency. To implement this successfully, all members of Jain Jagruti Centre got involved in various process to verify the genuineness of every application only after which loan is granted.

Jain Jagruti Centre had established Higher Education Refundable Financial scheme in 2005. It was convinced with a goal of assisting deprived students from underprivileged sections of society and to ensure their upliftment. Till date, over 6858 students have availed the benefit under the scheme.
My dream for better education was fulfilled with right support and timely help from JJC
Ms. Dimple R. Sanghani
Granting a loan that was a pure emotion of support and care, which gave strength to my desire of future education
Mr. Saurabh D. Modi
• Kahanraj Sarvodaya Turst (Mr. Nimesh Shah)
• Shri. Dharmesh jain (Nirmal Lifestyle)
• Subhash Runwal Education Foundation
Above mentioned members have generously given donation till date and it has given thousands of children access to education. Education donation can potentially play a vital role in the country's development as education children are the key to a bright future.

All our members in particular and JJC centres across world in specific have always donated towards this noble cause.

A Little Contribution from Entire Society can help to Build a Vast pool of Education Donation that will go a Long Way in providing Educational opportunities for Students who would otherwise Be left Behind.
Details of Financial Assistance given to Students till 31st March - 2016
FOREIGN STUDIES HIGHER STUDIES IN INDIA Total No. of Students Total Financial Assistance Amount Given Rs.
No. of Boys No. of Girls Total No. of Students Amount of Financial Assistance Given Rs. No. of Boys No. of Girls Total No. of Students Amount of Financial Assistance Given Rs.
2005 8 1 9 4,25,000 32 9 41 6,06,000 50 10,31,000
2006 19 4 23 10,90,000 82 15 97 15,80,500 120 26,70,500
2007 27 6 33 16,50,000 124 31 155 32,23,500 188 48,73,500
2008 49 15 64 67,75,000 379 99 478 1,60,22,750 542 2,27,97,750
2009 52 10 62 73,65,000 450 194 644 2,24,79,000 706 2,98,44,000
2010 56 14 70 97,50,000 508 183 691 2,74,58,450 761 3,72,08,450
2011 57 20 77 1,43,90,000 556 244 800 3,46,93,631 877 4,90,83,631
2012 76 13 89 2,34,25,000 622 254 876 4,35,50,020 965 6,69,75,020
2013 95 15 110 2,43,16,655 586 223 809 3,90,13,889 919 6,33,30,544
2014 146 38 184 3,58,86,889 463 215 678 3,39,40,027 862 6,98,26,916
2015 161 43 204 4,24,74,361 462 202 664 3,69,18,843 868 7,93,93,204
Total 746 179 925 16,75,47,905 4264 1669 5933 25,94,86,610 6858 42,70,34,515
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