Jagruti Sandesh


JJC started Jagruti Sandesh in year 1992 as its own mouth piece and as tool to connect wide spared membership base. Jagruti Sandesh created the connection between members by providing news and information of various JJC centre's activities. Slowly Jagruti Sandesh established itself as useful, meaningful magazine which provided full fledge information on other related social subjects besides the activities carried out by JJC Centres. The JJC member started waiting for Jagruti Sandesh issues eagerly to satisfy his curiosity of knowledge on different topics. Jagruti Sandesh became household name amongst JJC members. The rising popularity of this magazine demanded more issues and Jagruti Sandesh now comes out every month.Without any doubts it can be stated that Jagruti Sandesh is awaited, read and appreciated by all JJC members.

Jagruti Sandesh expanses are funded by indirect contribution of JJC members. This contribution is received by the Central Board from each Centre. The Central Board also provides finance for running the magazine from time to time. Jagruti Sandesh also has good numbers of professional and promotional advertisement for support.

Now let's take a look at following potential of Jagruti Sandesh.

  • Well read, well appreciated monthly magazine promoted by JJC.

  • As the magazine is an established mouth piece of JJC, the contents are endorsed by JJC brand.

  • The magazine is delivered to the homes of members free of cost.

  • The magazine with 30 days "shelf life".
  • Jagruti Sandesh reaches the heart of JJC member family which has spending power of more than Rs.53 crores every month.These figures are ever growing.
  • Jagruti sandesh is a connection between 65000 members and 172 centres.These figures are ever growing.
  • Jagruti sandesh is backed by Editorial team. The magazine has its own office to manage the affairs.
  • Anyone, any company, any organization will benefit by advertising their products/service thru this magazine.
  • Jagruti Sandesh does not charge professional rates for advertising. The magazine just wants to cover its own expanses of printing.
  • The patrons advertising with this magazine will get indirect endorsement of JJC brand at a very negligible cost.
  • Jagruti Sandesh comes out with issues consistently. Any Patron will be at advantage by getting continuous exposure to the right population, the population who spend lot of monies every month.
  • Jagruti sandesh can deliver target market to the Patrons. The magazine offers excellent returns to the Patron on their invested monies. The investment in ad charges by Patrons in paltry compared to any media. Low investment and high win deal…